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I assume we will need to get a bigger SD card for all the games? (Archived)monday nitro57/28/2011
Very smart move by nintendo (Archived)trenken27/28/2011
Will we have to download each Ambassador game seperately? (Archived)SocialAssassin67/28/2011
Can you transfer eShop titles from one 3DS to another? (Archived)
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So for those that can't become Ambassadors... (Archived)
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why the price drop so early? that is really weird (Archived)
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e-shop up 7/28 -- Let's Golf 3D + DSi ware stuff. Portable Shrine Wars (Archived)Celsius37/28/2011
I wonder how well the 20 games + 3DS will sell on eBay? (Archived)
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Mother 3. Ambassador reward. DO IT, NINTENDO. (Archived)SpacePr8Roberts57/28/2011
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Can someone get me up to speed here? (Archived)
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For those who are talking about "No GBA on the VC!" (Archived)mahgah9127/28/2011
ITT: we list the 10 unannounced Ambassador Program games we want most. (Archived)
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