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Question about the 2nd pad; to those that are discontent. (Archived)darkqueenhelba49/8/2011
You know what the only thing about the 3DS that bothers me?? (Archived)WickedSickJosh19/8/2011
FPS games on the original DS (Archived)CraddaPoosta49/8/2011
Nintendo did not screw over the trust of the fanbase/consumers. (Archived)
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Just 2 months... (Archived)m0986-889/8/2011
Lefties can now play Kid Iccarus (Archived)youdonnome29/8/2011
Someone should start an "Operation _____" for Monster Hunter. (Archived)
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So is there anyway to view previous Nintendo Video shorts? (Archived)TheMisfit39/8/2011
Next week's ONE VC game is...Catrap? And no GBA Ambassador game today? (Archived)Fuzzy__Logic59/8/2011
I am a proud AMBASSADOR (Archived)
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Everyone I'm sorry (apologetic poem) (Archived)Sweepzz59/8/2011
A sincere apology to everyone, from the bottom of my heart (Archived)mahgah9149/8/2011
My deepest, most abject and humble apology and request for forgiveness (Archived)CraddaPoosta49/8/2011
Industry needs to start getting serious! No more listening to "fans". (Archived)darkqueenhelba79/8/2011
post here if you will be relieved if this new thing is simply for Wii U support. (Archived)RPGMaster9559/8/2011
Making a formal apology (Archived)DahlVaughnni39/8/2011
Beyond the Labyrinth details (Archived)darkqueenhelba109/8/2011
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D! (Archived)darkqueenhelba99/8/2011
U-Force destroyed the NES. That's why we saw the SNES. (Archived)darkqueenhelba39/8/2011
Pad peripheral discussions reminds me of this... (Archived)darkqueenhelba29/8/2011
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