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3DS revisited (Archived)Inzrekta29/1/2011
Surprised at how comfortable the controls are for NES Ambassador titles (Archived)MichaelDeAngelo69/1/2011
Another "What Should I Get in eShop" Topic (Archived)
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C/D: Retro games are better to play on a handheld (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lmao whatever happened to that Sonic section in the eshop? (Archived)
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What does NA get in the eShop today? (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS89/1/2011
Zelda 2 not saving? (Archived)ONI Gerbil69/1/2011
Media Create sales from August 22nd to August 28th. (Archived)
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What is the point of... (Archived)trenken49/1/2011
In your opinion, which of the NES games aged better? (Archived)Vayolenlo69/1/2011
Is there any way to remap the buttons in the NES Ambassador games? (Archived)r7gerrabbit59/1/2011
so whats the first one you booted up? (Archived)
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Which game uses 3D well? (Archived)kamikaze13559/1/2011
Where is the earphone jack? (Archived)
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Something's wrong with this board. (Archived)
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Is anyone playing Zelda 2 for the first time? (Archived)
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But still gotz Balloon Fight & Ice Climber on my GBA's E-reader...still get? (Archived)Charftino39/1/2011
Cool thing I found with the ambassador games... (Archived)Linkfan13589/1/2011
about Zelda haha (Archived)Darkstorm1619/1/2011
3DS Ambassadors don't count. (Archived)Duckerdoo39/1/2011
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