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Reminds me of the Sega 32X add on... (Archived)nakonakonako109/7/2011
capcom is destroying the industry (Archived)
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Still needs the best accessory set eva (Archived)jesse715059/7/2011
Can someone explain to me why this circle pad attachment is a bad thing? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
A couple of logical things I have to say... (Archived)flaboy90969/7/2011
sony added two analog sticks to their system, yet no one complained (Archived)queirotacobell79/7/2011
Is this second circle pad Nintendo or Capcom? (Archived)mcsmellington49/7/2011
Okay so MH Tri G was confirmed and all (Archived)
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That looks really out of place and not comfortable O.o (Archived)
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rather than a redesign which the 3Ds DOES NOT NEED..... (Archived)JediBoB10149/7/2011
If that rumor about Famitsu is true... (Archived)
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Reggie gots some explaning to do (Archived)
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*sigh*...the lack of two control sticks was the only thing keeping the 3DS good (Archived)Demonwing13109/7/2011
I wouldn't mind using the expansion slide pad........HOWEVER.... (Archived)pansybadger19/7/2011
If capcom demanded a second circle pad, it reminds me of (Archived)falcon71219/7/2011
Isn't this just an optional packaged add on like the Wii Balance Board? (Archived)rashrules39/7/2011
There best be some fudgeing brilliant trade-in deal when the redesign comes. (Archived)__Fiale__59/7/2011
I guess a redesign will come to market pretty quick. (Archived)
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So are they using the 2nd stick for essential play or is it just for lefties? (Archived)__Fiale__89/7/2011
New slide pad thing won't work with nyko battery right? (Archived)jesse715019/7/2011
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