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I had no idea that Balloon Fight was a Joust Rippoff (Archived)Nyyark39/1/2011
can someone remind me why nes games had an A and B version at the title screen? (Archived)queirotacobell69/1/2011
Wow I really stink at playing Super Mario Brothers (Archived)
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Game I'm most excited for is a DS game (Archived)
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How to save in LoZ for small children (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark69/1/2011
Dat Pig Snout (Archived)surferguy759/1/2011
Four swords...? (Archived)SmplySablicious49/1/2011
First Driver:Renegade 3D Review (Archived)Solid_Mike8679/1/2011
Anyone else....? (Archived)Pinatalover89/1/2011
choice in ambassador games (Archived)ColoredStars9269/1/2011
Nintendo Downloads 9/1 (Pac Man (GB) + ambassador titles) (Archived)Celsius39/1/2011
Are there gonna be more NES games to choose from or will I (Archived)Danny0061829/1/2011
Could somebody please tell me why everyone is complaining about the controls? (Archived)ninto5559/1/2011
Is it me or the NES games are really low (volume)? (Archived)urmomishawt0449/1/2011
My 3DS is collecting dust, even with the Amb. games... (Archived)
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Hardcore Gamers (Archived)
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Coming soon to eshop??? (Archived)shenran19/1/2011
Thanks, Nintendo Show 3D. I didn't know I could play my Game Boy games in (Archived)shayminguy729/1/2011
Now That Most of us Have our Ambassador Titles... (Archived)booloroo79/1/2011
Persona 4 for 3DS confirmed? (Archived)
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