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the problem wasn't the price, though i'm glad they reduced it. its the games (Archived)Cranman198268/2/2011
Your dream 3DS games? (Archived)
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Why the whining about game prices? (Archived)
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Anyway to transfer virtual console games to another SD card? (Archived)Quicksilver68/2/2011
Games using miis are supposed to come to 3ds this year! (Archived)
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If Nintendo wanted to keep the 3DS at $250 they needed Pokemon Black/White 3D. (Archived)DarkKirby250078/2/2011
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Why the loophole is okay to abuse (Archived)
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THIS close to getting rid of the 3DS. (Archived)
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What does it say that even with the price drop and the loophole... (Archived)FelineCyborg88/2/2011
7 Ways To Save The 3DS (via gamesradar) (Archived)
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starfox64 3d or resident evil 3ds (Archived)Darkriku66648/2/2011
Pokemon DS connectivity using 3DS? (Archived)Toeoffrog57928/2/2011
Madden 12 still a go??? (Archived)j443328/2/2011
Virtual Console's between the Wii and 3DS (Archived)Ao9968/2/2011
can you delete the resident evil the mercenaries save? (Archived)
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This happens when you launch a Handheld without a "System Seller" game (Archived)
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Delete those SAVE files! (Archived)darkqueenhelba28/2/2011
The 3DS is not dead nor is it close to dying. (Archived)
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Sometimes, success is the worst thing to happen to a creative outfit (Archived)kinsho338/2/2011