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I know it's super rare to do this... But the multiplayer in Star Fox is AMAZING (Archived)guncrashdx59/9/2011
True implications of a 2nd slide pad (Archived)coldwine89/9/2011
(Speculation) Revision maybe announced by E3 2012? (Archived)Galaxy_Nova79/9/2011
Weird glitch in starfox of what? (Archived)
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For you, what number of units sold after one year would be considered a sucess? (Archived)
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New Resident Evil Revelations Scans and Trailer (Archived)
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What game should I purchase along with the flare red 3DS? (Archived)Julio1030109/9/2011
Kojima Productions has the new 3DS Circle Pad attachment (Archived)LeXiNgToN3389/9/2011
3DS is gonna do gangbusters in Japan this holiday (Archived)LIsJustice99/9/2011
Krby Mass Attack Demo is now Available to download if you have a Wii (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust249/9/2011
GOT MY FIRST STREETPASS!(oh yeah) (Archived)
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My Birthday's this month and since i got no other idea's (Archived)
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It's Star Fox Day !! And I'm Happy (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust379/9/2011
I figured out what the conference is for (Archived)drothegreat0ne39/9/2011
Does having the 3d slider lower but not off help battery life? (Archived)wheepitup39/9/2011
any time travel RPG? (Archived)
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When does the redesign come out? (Archived)Hypereia29/9/2011
3ds fcs wanted add me (Archived)jc68349/9/2011
in my opinion (Archived)jc68369/9/2011
3DS Sales Up 260 Percent in U.S. (Archived)
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