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Any deals on 3DS? What about craigslist? (Archived)GamePunkChito109/18/2011
Watched some footage of TheatRythem Final Fantasy (Archived)Sakurafanboy89/18/2011
When are we getting the TGS videos on E-shop? (Archived)Pkjoan39/18/2011
Sonic Generations and Super Mario 3D Land were next on my list but (Archived)
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This is still going to be one of the finest systems ever (Archived)L0L_FAQ79/18/2011
ATTN: People asking for Majora's Mask 3D. I'll convince you otherwise (Archived)Spoinkfan71889/18/2011
you can back up 3ds game saves with the SD card? (Archived)tiamat99939/18/2011
Do you see light and the end of the tunnel now? (Archived)
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Wow, capcom wants to be hated (Archived)Zangetsuga69/18/2011
Is it me or... (Archived)Pkjoan59/18/2011
I just realized the last level of Super Mario Bros sounds exactly like... (Archived)
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If you could play any in-development game, which would you play? (Archived)
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Well,since netflix WONT be putting in 3D movies anytime soon... (Archived)BushinRyuCat19/18/2011
New Ace Attorney game (Archived)
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Street Fighter x Tekken, who are the 3 exclusive characters you would pick? (Archived)
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Sonic Generations 3DS + Online = Day 1 Purchase (Archived)Spoinkfan71839/18/2011
Why vita will not curbstomp 3DS like Sony fans are saying. (Archived)
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I would enjoy a 3DS party game. (Archived)
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The Internet Browser is God tier and you know it (Archived)
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so if you could get a tatsunoko vs capcom 2 for 3ds.... (Archived)xflame1079/18/2011
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