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AR Card painting half the size of club nintendo's big AR card pics. (Archived)MarioBro2418/4/2011
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did any of you received a notification about ambassador program? (Archived)Pkjoan68/4/2011
Just got my giant AR card from club nintendo (Archived)
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Nintendo confirmed that the ambassador games are going to be sold later (Archived)xCha0s68/4/2011
the 3DS will probably drop to 200 dollars by the time the vita comes out at 250 (Archived)
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Wow, Japanese gamers are actually less fanboys about Nintendo than people here (Archived)
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So I connected to the eshop today. (Archived)Vaz12678/4/2011
~* VIDEO REVIEWS of ALL the Known 3DS Ambassador Games *~ (Archived)
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Instead of the 20 games we should just get 80$ in eshop credit (Archived)
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