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Anybody else thinking of getting a Japanese 3DS now? (Archived)Demon_Hunter9447/28/2011
Is the price drop permanent? (Archived)SMBfan1357/28/2011
so after September first we can claim our free games? (Archived)phildool87/28/2011
When do we get our 20 free games? (Archived)darkqueenhelba27/28/2011
are the nes games going to be 3d classics or just the orig? (Archived)hesu200027/28/2011
So, let's say MOTHER 3 is one of the 10 GBA games... (Archived)
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I hope all 20 games are not 1st party games. (Archived)hydradragon87/28/2011
is the price drop temporary? (Archived)0-taku57/28/2011
So Europe doesn't get much of a price drop at all? (Archived)Acidic_Eskimo57/28/2011
someone PLEASE fill me in on the free games and how to get them (Archived)szunega57/28/2011
Perhaps, NoA might rethink Operation Rainfall? (Archived)darkqueenhelba17/28/2011
New OoT Crystal Armor (Archived)Jake270167/28/2011
Wow... my 3DS games purchasing history has really sucked. (Archived)raymanfan117/28/2011
So, I got on the eShop today (Archived)horror_spooky77/28/2011
Has this since launch, and JUST finished my first puzzle panel. (Archived)gamezrochard87/28/2011
Ambassadors Unite! (Archived)
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Thank you, Nintendo (Archived)ResistiveTouch17/28/2011
GBA games aren't said to be free... (Archived)
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Speculation: Nintendo planned this from the start (Archived)
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People are saying this is like the Wii ambassador program? (Archived)RemixDeluxe67/28/2011