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Did Nintendo just scam the Scambassadors and early adopters? (Archived)
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Dead or Alive and BlazBlue... (Archived)Nagisa_Shinju98/24/2011
I have a question about Netflix. (Archived)J_K_GUNS38/24/2011
C/D:Intelligent Systems and Camelot Software Planning should work together...... (Archived)Soanevalcke6108/24/2011
before or after the 13th of sept (Archived)
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999 Designers Working On 3DS Visual Novel Adventure (pics!) (Archived)link_1528/24/2011
4 improvements the 2DS should have that the 3DS does not currently (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Why is Balloon Fight getting so much hate? (Archived)
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What genre do you think the 3DS will have the most of? (Archived)Guniverse108/24/2011
For the people who say there should be a 3D-less 3DS (Archived)Zero3D68/24/2011
I just got a streetpass tag from ixoria of the Vita Boards! (Archived)
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The people who think the 3ds doesn't have good graphics sound like... (Archived)flaboy90948/24/2011
Big announcement to be............drum roll plz......................... (Archived)jaymart_2k68/24/2011
They keep calling it a "comeback" (Archived)derekfishbowl38/24/2011
With each passing day I grow more nervous of the Ambassador games being junk (Archived)
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Rumor(srs)- Nintendo has had a LARGE stash of unused IP's we might be seeing. . (Archived)Night_Shade115108/24/2011
Which of the rumor topics do you believe? (Archived)
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"Ladies and Gentlemen Nintendo 3DS Global CEO, Satoru Iwata" (Archived)Pkjoan108/24/2011
Does your wireless need to be on for StreetPass to work? (Archived)Broncav38/24/2011
How often do you use the 3DS internet browser? (Archived)
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