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built in mic on 3ds? (Archived)
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So can we watch dvds on this? (Archived)OJwithpulp86/15/2010
I just can't even fathom how amazing it will be with OOT 3DS (Archived)ohh4226/15/2010
will we beable to play 3ds games on the dsi? (Archived)
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So that MGS 3DS pic is legit..? (Archived)
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I can't believe the 3DS can hold this much epicness. (Archived)FireDragoon18106/15/2010
Is the 3DS backwards compatible? (Archived)ItsNotZura56/15/2010
DS compatability. (Archived)KogaSteelfang66/15/2010
D-pad seems a little low (Archived)BaeI66/15/2010
DSiWare (Archived)Nightgazer36/15/2010
Upcoming 3DS games list (Archived)19darkdenizen9276/15/2010
Are there games for the 3DS that Nintendo has not announced? (Archived)Pitbull61966/15/2010
I hope it comes with just as good girls at release (Archived)shadyelf26/15/2010
You wake up and find out that this is a dream (Archived)
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Is there any info on the hardware specs of this thing yet? (Archived)Shuriko86/15/2010
I hate the DS but, this looks like a win. (Archived)
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Will all 3DS games take advantage of 3D? (Archived)Shuriko56/15/2010
I hope the 3ds becomes Nintendo's Flagship console. (Archived)Kingdancealot36/15/2010
what format will the games be on? (Archived)NinjaGamer_2316/15/2010
Do you think the 3DS will come out in the US or Japan first? (Archived)
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