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I looked at coming soon to the shop... (Archived)MBBDarigon78/31/2011
How curious. (UK Ambassador games) (Archived)DarkHeroRaven68/31/2011
Do you use Game Notes? (Archived)
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Ambassador Questions (Archived)Teepo6438/31/2011
Ambassador games available in Europe (Archived)SavageMetabee98/31/2011
Which Puzzles Am I Missing? I Have... (Archived)Dino538/31/2011
Chipped my 3DS, could use some ideas... (Archived)
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Add me. I have a rad demon mii. (Archived)blackcloudsky48/31/2011
First time playing Zelda. Is doing it without a map feasible? (Archived)FireDragoon1888/31/2011
Why can't you make a Mii with any colour hair?! (Archived)monskey18/31/2011
Any Asian guys/girls? (Archived)
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For the people WANTING a 2D 3DS version...., (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
so, its 12:40 PM, 1/09/11 in Sydney Australia (Archived)
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Did the East Coast update yet? (Archived)FryGuyXLR838/31/2011
3DS owners are SO MAD (Archived)
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I laughed pretty hard when I read this... (Archived)TehWolf11558/31/2011
Why can't we ever get the Famicom Disk versions? (Archived)ConfusionOmni28/31/2011
What's the difference between old and new games? (Archived)2white4this18/31/2011
NES games don't get quick-save? (Archived)
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So, the ambassador certificate is NOT in 3D? (Archived)ROD68/31/2011
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