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why is nintendo bothering to release such niche 3d classics? (Archived)
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Amazon pulls Black 3DS from their inventory temporarily (Archived)
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a new update.......ohh hellp lol (Archived)Darkstorm1667/25/2011
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Which other N64 games should be re-released on the 3DS (Archived)
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Will the Flare Red 3DS be released in North America? (Archived)
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Ok... I'm going to GameStop today to get a 3DS. What game should I get? (Archived)
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Will we be seeing Flare Red towards the holiday season? (Archived)HyperWaterVX37/25/2011
so i tried to get onto the eshop when my 3DS started to update it self (Archived)
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just got a system update (Archived)
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Friend codes ^^ (Archived)RockthePirate97/25/2011
i'm hoping for The Amazing Spiderman trailer to come out on Nintendo video. (Archived)MarcosAKAshorty37/25/2011
Who else other than me really wants to play professor layton 3ds? (Archived)
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Chaos Theory may have been a lazy port (Archived)MetroidJunkie47/25/2011
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Megaman fans reach out to The Colbert Nation for help (Archived)
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