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What happened to downloadable videos on the eShop? (Archived)raymanfan117/28/2011
Are any of you out of the continent until August 11? (Archived)moneyhead6447/28/2011
Anyone else find it odd Club Nintendo gives you... (Archived)MBBDarigon37/28/2011
Could some kind soul please give me a straight answer...please? (Archived)Usernameused87/28/2011
Pretty sure its too late for 3ds (Archived)
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Thoughts about the 20 games release date (Archived)lockheart4717/28/2011
Anyone else really like the background music for Nintendo Video? (Archived)pokefreak200017/28/2011
I have given up on gamers. Or at least whatever people are on GameFAQs. (Archived)
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One thing might hurt me on the 11th (Archived)Darkstorm1627/28/2011
3ds sales doing good compared to ds in same time frame. (Archived)
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How long will this ambassador's deal last after it launces? (Archived)Rawrman1577/28/2011
I have a strong feeling that the last 5 GBA games will be 1st Party games (Archived)
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I hope this means that there will be a big price drop for DS Lite. (Archived)im_your_momma57/28/2011
Once the price drop happens, how many games will each user need to buy... (Archived)SuperShadowAce17/28/2011
So, how long do YOU think it'll be before GBA games start being purchasable? (Archived)
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Nintendo is forgetting something that would skyrocket sales. (Archived)Pokeman71847/28/2011
Just bought 3DS recently? Check store policy (Archived)Genki37/28/2011
Nintendo video trolled a Puerto rican (Archived)
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I have 2 3DS's linked to the same account,think they both can get the free games (Archived)RC Cruz me47/28/2011
Just preordered on Amazon :D (Archived)EternalNether17/28/2011