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How much money did you save as an early adopter? (Archived)Vyers57/28/2011
Don't forget about price matching! (3ds price drop topic) (Archived)
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By the time I save up $170, the price change wouldve started but (Archived)seafoampheonix47/28/2011
nintendo lost 300 million, but they still have 36 BILLION to sit on (Archived)CrystalKing542687/28/2011
i get the feeling people still would be complaining if we just got the games (Archived)ObtuseAngina27/28/2011
if the price is 170 dollars in its first year, i can only imagine in 5 years (Archived)xCha0s47/28/2011
Wait, wasn't the 3DS worth 170 Club Nintedo coins? (Archived)__Gaminator__87/28/2011
What's the 1 GBA and NES game you're wanting to see most for the Ambassador thin (Archived)Sakurafanboy107/28/2011
Will Super Mario AllStars be one of the Ambassador games? (Archived)
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When can I get my free games? (Archived)ZombiePikmin47/28/2011
Is Nintendo losing alot of money by giving out free games? (Archived)
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In other news... (Archived)player_three67/28/2011
how do I move channels? (Archived)VRX300057/28/2011
Effin called it. (Archived)
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I have discovered a loophole, to get the lower price and the 20 free games. (Archived)Bitentili77/28/2011
3DS will have GBA games available, so my question is.... (Archived)daytonafreak57/28/2011
i think the 3DS is struggling a little bit because of lack of games but by Dec (Archived)ZatchBell77/28/2011
GIRLS LOVE the 3DS. (Archived)MeleeMaster6107/28/2011
Nintendo is only giving out 10 free games (Archived)
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So how will we obtain these free downloads? (Archived)hydradragon47/28/2011
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