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How much can I get from selling SSF4? (Archived)
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What is your reaction if they release Superman 64 on 3DS? (Archived)
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My friend likes to hyperextend his top screen.... (Archived)
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I own 9 cartridge games for my 3DS.... (Archived)
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Capcom Will Not Repeat Mercenaries 3D Save File Mistake (Archived)
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Help please? (Archived)
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SNES 3D remakes? (Archived)
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Any way to stretch the screen when playing DS games so it cover all the screen? (Archived)LordFarquad131277/11/2011
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Why does Nintendo feel it's necessary to keep us in the dark with everything? (Archived)
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FF Theatrhythm site up; developed by indieszero (Archived)Blaze627107/11/2011