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How much is Links awakening? (Archived)animejunkie10147/26/2011
Everyone here please sign up for the Legends 3 DevRoom (Archived)
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Are any of the RPGs on the eShop good? (Archived)Cecil_Del_Sol27/26/2011
Question about Pokedex 3D (Archived)soulcalibur257/26/2011
i want the oversized AR but i dont live in US =( (Archived)Flootenkerp77/26/2011
Starting petitions might be a new fad (Archived)
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Dead Rising 3DS (Archived)
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Anyone know what were getting next thursday in the eShop? (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS97/26/2011
eShop problemas (Archived)rickheg57/26/2011
This is What an Assassin's Creed 3DS Should Look Like (Archived)PhantomSword67/26/2011
Nintendo are a swell buncha guys, I think. (Archived)darkqueenhelba27/26/2011
Nintendo hurry up and make Majoras mask 3D so i have a board to lurk on (Archived)
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How to earn 20 extra coins at Club Nintendo with Nintendo Video and Netflix (Archived)Linkz117/26/2011
New Firmware Released (Archived)therock50037/26/2011
You know what would have launched beautifully with the 3DS? (Archived)
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Im mad. (Archived)
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A system update is available! (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS57/26/2011
~Top 5 3DS games out now?~ (also what game should I get) (Archived)
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3 New Rewards at Club Nintendo (Archived)
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splinter cell 3d .. good game? (Archived)NinjaGamer_2397/26/2011
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