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Is the Touch Screen in 3D too? (Archived)
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3DS needs a Disgaea game... (Archived)Kong_Rong87/6/2010
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Can I buy the original 3DS when it first comes out? (Archived)
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What will be your first reaction when you see the 3d? (Archived)
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0060000337/6/2010's Nov 3DS date an "estimate" (Archived)sweatman57/6/2010
will it have psp-ps3 connectively like functions for 3ds-wii? (Archived)osboes67/6/2010
Will this have a capacitive or original DS style touch screen? (Archived)sarevokmb77/6/2010
What color will you get? Blue, Red, or Black? (Archived)
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Prediction on game releases (Archived)Expada47/6/2010
Could Custom Robo Come Back for 3DS? (Archived)Iwata_Miyamoto57/6/2010
Maple story possible? (Archived)libatako107/5/2010
GM: Tonight, one of these two superstars will MAKE IT A WIN! *spoilers* (Archived)Hiten Mitsurugi S97/5/2010
Can someone send me a link about the rumored colors?? (Archived)bananakiller1247/5/2010
vuvuzela on 3ds (Archived)
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After redesigns Nintendo's gonna make a... (Archived)
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Love-Hate? (Archived)
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Compatible w/DSi games? (Archived)BluBlacMH77/5/2010
Are video games a waste of time... (Archived)
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Final Fantasy V and VI for 3ds (Archived)
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