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The graphics are close to PS3 level - proof inside (Archived)
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Gamepaks? (Archived)aperture12396/16/2010
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Region Locked? (Archived)Apple_3-1466/16/2010
Serious Concern: 3DS will cause Motion Sickness? (Archived)Cervosi46/16/2010
If the 3D is turned off, half resolution? (Archived)RayHorak76/16/2010
Can the 3DS play any DS game? (Archived)
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Eternal Darkness 3D (Archived)fire2box26/16/2010
So the 3DS will win at first because of a big nostalgia blast. (Archived)freezeman76/16/2010
Is the sound louder/better? better than psp sound? (Archived)jordjmax56/16/2010
Satoru Iwata claimed that Apple was now the company's main competitor... (Archived)
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Can a handheld get any better than a 3DS? (Archived)
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Does the 3DS project or is it more like a 3D poster from the 90s? (Archived)
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DOA Dreamcast vs. DOA 3DS comparison (pic included) (Archived)
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Is anyone going to NOT use the 3D feature? (Archived)
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Better or on par with PSP graphics... (Archived)EvilLHK96/16/2010
Wait, the 3DS has two MORE shoulder buttons? (Archived)Dialgadude36/16/2010
Holy ****! Nintendo announced online capabilities for 3DS!b (Archived)
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Does the 3ds have multi touch? (Archived)jordjmax66/16/2010
Enough whining, they changed the design (Archived)
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