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Do you guys think this is really 3d?... i just can't see myself believing this. (Archived)
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Best "Gamertag" solution for 3DS would be (Archived)
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What nintendo really needs to do with this system. (Archived)
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Remakes? Ports? WHY?! (Archived)
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oh man if you're unlucky enough to get dead pixel will it fly at you in 3D???! (Archived)
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Heres hoping to new 1st party IPs (Archived)
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New Nintendo Ad Campaign: Shinji 3DS (Archived)
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How will things be 3D? And will I be able to play my DSiware games on this? (Archived)_Unowninator_67/10/2010
I'm calling it, Dragon Quest XI will be on this system. (Archived)doomedchocolate57/10/2010
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The games... (Archived)
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