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Is my touchscreen off centered? (Archived)
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Where are the free games? (Archived)Rain_Dust68/10/2011
Australian, 3DS is $200 at Dick Smith this Friday-Sunday. (Archived)THE_TRUTH_0118/10/2011
Yay or Nay: Sonic Adventure 1+2 3DS. (Archived)
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People that bought it at the price drop, how do you like the 3DS? (Archived)seafoampheonix108/10/2011
WiFi help PLEASE!!!! (Archived)Mikaroo58/10/2011
I think Blaster Master, Contra and Punch-Out are the secret ambassador games (Archived)
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Will the ambassador games really have multiplayer? (Archived)King_of_Nerds28/10/2011
Petition to replace Nintendo Video with YouTube support (Archived)King_of_Nerds78/10/2011
Iwata apologizes to consumers. Reggie? "No, I'm pretty sure we were right." (Archived)mahgah9128/10/2011
Now that the price dropped, I'll get to play local multiplayer... (Archived)elheber38/10/2011
So I got one at walmart yesterday. (Archived)gotest38/10/2011
Someone help me. Can't get 3DS to update. (Archived)Dinoman9648/10/2011
Could the 3ds end up like the dreamcast? (Archived)
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Super Mario Land (Archived)Octorok38568/10/2011
Activity Log: Top 10 Games (Archived)horror_spooky28/10/2011
Will the new Flame Red 3DS still have the screen scratching issue? (Archived)mica_x988/10/2011
Notification for Ambassador program? (Archived)AndehPandy78/10/2011
Can someone Confirm this? (Archived)Sparkstar98/10/2011
DS Homebrew Colors! is coming to the eShop this year (Archived)Un_Flugel68/10/2011
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