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whats this i dont even (Archived)lui00731136/15/2010
Think we'll have our hands on it by the holiday season? (Archived)
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All we need is Pokemon Snap 3D (Archived)MyBigBoinker26/15/2010
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Final Fantasy V Remake? (Archived)Link48486/15/2010
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Leaked List of Upcoming Games (ALL OF THEM, SOME NOT ANNOUNCED) (Archived)
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Damn, Reggie got burned... (Archived)
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Looks like RE and MGS are the only thing that interest me (Archived)darkprince4586/15/2010
What will the price and release date be? (Archived)AaronPHughes106/15/2010
Is it just me, or does having different size screens look bad? (Archived)X_Roxas_X76/15/2010
Are Gameboy/GB Color games going to work on this ? (Archived)FirewallT56/15/2010
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