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Lacking a GBA port yes/no? (Archived)
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Can you preorder consoles? (Archived)ImGanondorfLol46/26/2010
This is how the 3D works without glasses (link) (Archived)
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ok, what the heck is a 3ds n y do we need it? (Archived)
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Aiming Down Sights in FPS games. (Archived)
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Before 3D... We were hyping about 3D. And after 3D... (Archived)nonexistinghero76/26/2010
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Final Fantasy V and VI potentially for the 3DS (Archived)
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Will my ds microphone work with a 3ds (Archived)brianack9696/26/2010
If graphics are this good before launch (MGS3) (Archived)frogman_295106/26/2010
I'm guessing purple will bundle with a Wario game, orange with Metroid (Archived)FirePaperMario96/26/2010
About the 3D effect (Archived)
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Is anybody excited about the fact that the slide pad gives us 4 more buttons? (Archived)brandon1386/26/2010
Someone should do a remix of the 3DS song from the Iwata/Shiggy/Reggie ad (Archived)FirePaperMario16/26/2010
Nintendo re-embraces hardcore gamers after love affair with the casual market? (Archived)
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I think they should consider a name change. (Archived)BladePenguin96/26/2010
i cant see in 3ds!!!11!!! (Archived)
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Castlevania 3DS? (Archived)DankAssSlurpee106/26/2010
reggie fils ame pushed for kid icarus, canceled another game (Archived)
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