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If Nintendo went under, what would you want them to do? (Archived)
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Ever since the update... (Archived)bigshot200087/29/2011
Japan has the red 3ds... (Archived)masterchief849547/29/2011
Wait a sec..... (Archived)MW2_Main_Menu97/29/2011
Ambassador program made me buy a 3DS today =D (Archived)
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I think Nintendo is doing the price drop to make room for a new model (Archived)
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Good eShop games as of now? (Archived)1gecko57/29/2011
Anyone here picking up the 3DS at $169 AFTER August 12th? (Archived)
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Hope ambassodors get Link to the Past (Archived)
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*gasp* More Details About Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (Archived)
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Nintendo should release the following GB games before the holiday: (Archived)CrystalKing542697/29/2011
C/D:TWEWY needs a 3DS sequel right now! (Archived)
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They should make little shovel shaped styluses... (Archived)Mythril_Hammer87/29/2011
Okay... so if the 3DS isn't the Dreamcast or Virtual Boy... (Archived)E-2587/29/2011
In a distant Future... (Archived)
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This is ground zero (Archived)whisker51047/29/2011
it's too bad Capcom made Minish Cap... (Archived)
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To all the early adopters heres a small way to make up your money back (Archived)
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Realistically, when would you expect the next model of 3DS to be released? ( (Archived)Tyberg2957/29/2011
Possibly Good Third Party Titles Coming Out This Year? (Archived)
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