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DSi XL now more expensive than 3DS (Archived)robm105298/12/2011
Registered as ambassador? (Archived)UnkwnWanderer88/12/2011
Anyone else excited for Harvest Moon? (Archived)
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better version: splinter cell DS or 3DS? (Archived)joelang1258/12/2011
Europe still has about 10 hours left, right? (Archived)Nin3DSFan38/12/2011
About my club Nintendo 3DS pouch (Archived)
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What's the second game I should get tomorrow? (Archived)
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How big is the 3ds in comparison to the PSP-1000? (Archived)Mike_Vanderzand68/12/2011
NTSC games sold in AUS... (Archived)themoth211228/12/2011
Another bad eShop day.... really bad! (Archived)
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*waits for Advanced Wars 3DS* (Archived)
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Speaker quality - poor? (Archived)
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Has anyone tried the Hori Fingerprint Relief Filter for 3DS? (Archived)chaomaster400058/12/2011
who else would... (Archived)TheBoBiZzLe8178/12/2011
Will the Eshop be super slow and buggy when the NES Ambassador games go live? (Archived)XanderCycloptic68/12/2011
Ambassador program full list (Archived)azngamer8738/12/2011
How to delete an app? (Archived)AP3Brain58/12/2011
Guess what? People can no longer get the ambassador games (Archived)
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Woah woah WOAH! Where the hell are my spotpasses? (Archived)gamezrochard78/12/2011
The biggest problem with the 3ds... (Archived)
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