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I have concluded that polygon counts mean nothing (Archived)frogman_29546/23/2010
Nintendo: We'll make 3D home console (Archived)
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I hope they make a 3D version of Mr. Game & Watch. (Archived)Darkraiomb46/23/2010
Why is it that so many people are hoping for N64 game remakes on the 3DS? (Archived)marchefelix96/23/2010
I want them to add another analog stick! (Archived)
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Is that circle above the analog pad a joystick? (Archived)______CFH______46/23/2010
I hate how this comes out as soon as I buy an XL. (Archived)
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Here's hoping this Metroid 3DS (Assuming they make one) isn't like Prime Hunters (Archived)
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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy 3D (Archived)Timohtep36/23/2010
Any word on game saves? (Archived)nayr62626/23/2010
3D a gimmick? (Archived)kenio818756/23/2010
So, will DS games be upscaled? (Archived)nayr62646/23/2010
can u transfer dsi ware? (Archived)ShadowNintendo56/23/2010
paper mario/mario kart footage (Archived)pocchama199646/23/2010
I've got mixed feelings about the power of this thing. (Archived)
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Matte Finish? (Archived)CosmoKramer470066/23/2010
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First 3D picture (Glasses needed) Kid icarus (Archived)
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