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Look: Final Design is TBA (Archived)
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you do know does screens are stretched making the graphics look bad right? (Archived)
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C/D: Kirby's Super Kollection (Archived)
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how do they make it 3d with no glasses? (Archived)munchlaxrocks76/17/2010
I know its a stretch bryond comprihension but... (Archived)
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Love it but WTF is up with the colour design?! (Archived)
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My prediction: Even if Square had interest in it, the 3DS will never get TWEWY2 (Archived)DarkSideOfBlue106/17/2010
Imagine if they also utilized head tracking/camera tracking as well.... (Archived)MajorRage66/17/2010
3DS supports software installs. (Archived)Chao77726/17/2010
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The 3D effect doesn't translate to a recording. End of story. (Archived)
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Im only going to buy a 3ds if they make.... (Archived)
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