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Just posting on the 3DS should be considered a fad. (Archived)stromvancouver68/21/2011
Who here is doing the BB deal this week? If so, what games are you getting? (Archived)
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I didn't see a topic for this, but games for $19.99 right now at Best Buy (Archived)Slipknot243028/21/2011
Anybody using Kid Icarus to... (Archived)omniryu48/21/2011
Got myself a "new" Ambassador-eligible 3DS for $144! :D (Archived)iGenesis78/21/2011
Netflix Question. (Archived)AduIt_LlNK58/21/2011
Just got my 3DS, Looking for game advice (Archived)JimmyPlicket98/21/2011
Lazy journalism is tired. (Archived)
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C/D: You're looking forward to 3DS/Wii U interaction (Archived)
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Nintendo should hire Jadusable. (Archived)King_of_Nerds98/21/2011
Rubber Legs to Stop screen Scratching (Archived)
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Why no Firepro Wrestling 3DS? (Archived)JP_Sartre58/21/2011
If you intend to buy a 3DS, insist on paying $249.99 (Archived)
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Good sales going on right now? (Archived)Smartkick78/21/2011
3DS Animal lovers? (Archived)JP_Sartre108/21/2011
Glee is finally replaced! (Archived)lucylips00028/21/2011
so, my dad... (Archived)
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toysrus sale $10 3ds games (Archived)
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LOL at this Sonic Generations 3DS vid (Archived)
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need help with going on wifi (Archived)bigheadkid4548/21/2011
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