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3DS is kind of stupid. (Archived)
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PSP's successor will still sell (Archived)teh1337gosu67/13/2010
Is the 3DS' Analog nub better than the PSP's? (Archived)
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Mischief Makers 3DS (Archived)Fullgore EXE87/13/2010
The 3DS will not be able to render very well (Archived)ohh4287/13/2010
Dudes, this game NEEDS to be on the 3DS (Archived)
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3D glasses are better (Archived)teh1337gosu37/13/2010
Will Slidepad work with DS games (Archived)kaloo67/13/2010
Whos accepting preorders? (Archived)killzer20237/13/2010
Let's list our Top 5 most wanted 3DS Games/Remakes. (Archived)
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There is no way MGS3D and RE:R are running in real time! (Archived)frogman_29567/13/2010
Wouldn't it make more sense to swap the positions of the slide pad and the d-pad (Archived)
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I hope they make a Metroid Prime Hunter's 2. (Archived)
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PSP massacres the 3DS. (Archived)
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Next handheld will be heir to the Virtual Boy. (Archived)frogman_29557/13/2010
oh crap (Archived)vital_vertigo37/13/2010
Just think, if this has an internet browser... (Archived)
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Gunpei Yokoi needs to be fired from nintendo (Archived)NascarHeroGoUSA97/13/2010
What do you think will be the launch titles? (Archived)Spoinkfan71867/13/2010
The only real reason I'm exited is beacuse of the launch line up! (Archived)
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