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To those who still claim the 3DS is just another DS revision: (Archived)
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Do you think the games will be compatible with the "Advanced Setup" Wi-Fi? (Archived)Enigma14926/25/2010
any word on the processor? (Archived)Grunt4056/25/2010
so the 3DS will have grapics simular to GC/wii? (Archived)nintendo125236/25/2010
Can the 3DS (Archived)
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How many months, after the ds phat was release, was hacked? (Archived)jordjmax106/25/2010
If you shake the system on Dead Or Alive, The boobs shakes. (Archived)joeyx4x66/25/2010
This wait is going to be intolerable (Archived)HDCase26/25/2010
You know what would be awsome (Archived)Darkriku666106/25/2010
Looking at this forum you guys seem to want to REMAKE EVERYTHING (Archived)superhoffy76/25/2010
Metroid (Archived)
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Get it through your head, the 3D effect can't be seen on video. (Archived)
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I don't care if the 3D IS a gimmick. (Archived)AxelStrife16/25/2010
So, what's the general consensus of the 3DS? (Archived)
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I want a video game where you get to play as a Goomba (Archived)
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3DS Colors (Archived)
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We can finally realize great game ideas (Pokemon MMO) (Archived)D Nyce86/25/2010
Nintendo should go back to the Super Mario Land series on 3DS (Archived)
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A strange reason 3DS excites me. (Archived)Vamphaery76/25/2010
Nintendo's Nextt step at converting the casuals (Archived)pocchama199686/25/2010