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There must be other ways to become an ambassador... (Archived)
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I see the price drop as a speeding of the times. (Archived)mothballs17/29/2011
Looks like Nintendo is going to fail! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Anyone try Let's Golf 3D? (Archived)neoalphazero77/29/2011
Omg.. price cut + new added accessory? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Better shooters than Xevious? (Archived)wintrepunk107/29/2011
Other than OOT, what are worth purchasing? (Archived)
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About the 20 free games... (Archived)Carbuncle009107/29/2011
Nintendo Biggest Error! (Archived)Pkjoan107/29/2011
Am I an ambassador if... (Archived)Raichu10447/29/2011
I truly believe the motion controls and 3D would be perfect for a game like... (Archived)Kieff_Kalina27/29/2011
Is there a way to get missed SpotPass DLC? (Archived)Bennett242857/29/2011
Anyone else agree with me? (Archived)Tony7633947/29/2011
I'm confused about why Nintendo is losing so much money (Archived)NotChris_Hansen57/29/2011
Nintendo execs take massive pay cuts over 3DS (Archived)TowelFight87/29/2011
Wait, soo.. (Archived)RogueSFang67/29/2011
Did they fix the Streetpass battery switch glitch yet? (Archived)jokerz_1337/29/2011
How would you react if the remaining five GBA games were these?: (Archived)Vyers77/29/2011
Holy Crap People (Archived)
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It took me 24 hours to beat Zelda DX,am I a bad gamer ? (Archived)wintrepunk97/29/2011
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