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How much will this cost, and when will it be released? (Archived)Monkeymascot66/23/2010
Do you guys think that regular DS games will be in 3D? (Archived)Monkeymascot56/23/2010
Game Prices? (Archived)I_am_Aaron66/23/2010
Anyone else trading in a Wii and a DS for the 3DS? (Archived)
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Anyone else hoping for two analogs? (Archived)cartelwarlord26/22/2010
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All you need to know: Price, Release date, Final design, Online/content specs (Archived)Infamously9186/22/2010
Current gen, or next gen? (Archived)quittaboi7896/22/2010
I dont get it.... (Archived)
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I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice, but... (Archived)_good_4_u_7236/22/2010
wheres the classic games trailer...featuring megaman 2 and yoshis island (Archived)MaKd36/22/2010
With all the 3rd party titles, name one series/game you'd like to see. (Archived)
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November 21st 2010 $249.99 (Archived)
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This pretty much means that "book style" games are dead. (Archived)
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It feels like I'm at a auction (Archived)Ki_cat_86/22/2010
The D-pad has been replaced D= (Archived)timirchand62486/22/2010
Would you be willing to buy a 4DS if it were ever made? nt (Archived)
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Remember when Gamefaqs went crazy after E3 2004? (Archived)Metro276/22/2010
On the DSi could you play music off the SD card while playing a DS game? (Archived)ZBug_56/22/2010