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3d pokemon battles (Archived)
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Personally I'd rather have Pikmin 3DS instead... (Archived)IPCC_392716/16/2010
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Metroid game for 3ds planned soon? (Archived)
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YES!! OoT 3D is official!!! (Archived)sackboypwnsall96/16/2010
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the MGS screens look good, but, if a non-3d game was to be made, 2x better GFX? (Archived)JohnnySasaki46/16/2010
a date sim needs to be on the 3DS :') (Archived)
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3DS will be a letdown just like the first DS, GBA was too good to us. (Archived)
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the 3ds isnt even out yet and there is already shovelware (Archived)ruumple_4_skin46/16/2010
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Why is everyone so hyped? (Archived)
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I want to pay $150 USD, but we'll probably end up paying $200... (Archived)Zelda_Loves_Me76/16/2010
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