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What the fudge!? They didn't upgrade the cameras from a pitiful 0.3 MP? (Archived)
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Gaming King226/16/2010
Yea baby! I'm getting a 3DS never owned a DS anything. This will be the 1st. (Archived)knightimex36/16/2010
Think Square Enix will make... (Archived)
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Mostly Tech Demos? (Archived)TwilightEchoes26/16/2010
So do you think the 3ds will kill off all piracy. (Archived)
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Wonder how well a sequel to Pokemon Snap would fare? (Archived)RedxEyes_Dragon66/16/2010
Well if anyone is interested in trading in their DSi... (Archived)Genius_Sage86/16/2010
Is the touchscreen multitouch? (Archived)AlexConquest46/16/2010
Official List of Upcoming 3DS Titles (Archived)CronoDyne76/16/2010
I'm calling it now - the 3DS will have even more PS2 ports than the Wii (Archived)nintendomaniac36/16/2010
._. My eyes hurt. (Archived)Wetterdew86/16/2010
Is anybody making a sticky topic? (Archived)Apeman181346/16/2010
The touchscreen should match the top (Archived)Mr_Bartuc46/16/2010
I hope that OoT includes Master Quest (Archived)superstud69x56/16/2010
Who's also hoping for a later 2010, early 2011 release date? (Archived)Falcen796/15/2010
So which game are you most excited for? (Archived)
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3DS Lite wish list in 2011 (Archived)MasterOfHunters76/15/2010
Shadow of the colossus for the 3ds anybody? (Archived)
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Virtual Boy 2? (Archived)DaniKnite36/15/2010
does anyone feel Nintendo should have used a capacitive... (Archived)joker12046/15/2010