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AC 3ds and rockstars open world 3ds title cancelled (Archived)ghetto_jesus107/16/2011
Why are you all so confident in saying that 3DS blows PSP(1) away in graphics? (Archived)
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I want Odama 3DS (Archived)Kool-Aid_Man37/16/2011
3DS Battery (Archived)Ryedog8727/16/2011
Woot! Don't have to start Zelda for the 20th time! (Archived)KefkaMayDie67/16/2011
What if it's just people don't have money to buy 3DS? (Archived)TinyTankX107/16/2011
Deleting 3ds Shop Videos (Archived)Arcm_Yojimbo67/16/2011
If you have Nintendogs Abraham Lincoln is the featured President today. (Archived)Kitt Thrust87/16/2011
What are the benefits of street pass? (Archived)kahPOW47/16/2011
Seriously you lot? (Archived)E-2587/16/2011
Contact Lenses and the 3DS (Archived)turbosheep67/16/2011
Ninja Gaiden 3DS is Still Very Early in Development, But is Still in Development (Archived)PhantomSword87/16/2011
Is netflix the same as nintendo videos? (Archived)JPSVR97/16/2011
Links Awakening DX (3D Easter Egg) (Archived)GM_97/16/2011
Looks like there's a 3DSi coming out (Archived)
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Instead of OoT, Nintendo should have remade ALTTP in 3d. (Archived)
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The Nintendo Video service is not available in your location. You cannot downloa (Archived)Westik107/16/2011
[JPN] Anyone bought any of the 3DS Download Software? (Archived)Nekoakuma37/16/2011
Just got a 3ds (Archived)Sgt_BuckNasty67/16/2011
as a proud 3ds owner, this doesn't sound good (Archived)
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