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Why are people *****ing at ports of fantastic games? (Archived)
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online lag (Archived)frogman_29546/19/2010
Yay or nay? (Archived)Vikroto36/19/2010
it can record video? does it also do sound with the video? (Archived)sebetai96/19/2010
Watch Nintendo flop again this generation when it comes to Online. (Archived)
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do you think any of the new titles will work on the ds? (Archived)omescythe86/19/2010
(Hypothetical!) Pretend the 3DS gets bundled with a game. Which one is it? (Archived)
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I can't wait to play this in 3D. :D (Archived)samimckee46/19/2010
What happens at the edge of the screen? (Archived)PaperSpock66/19/2010
Mirror? (Archived)RayHorak56/19/2010
I'd say this looks better than last gen. (Archived)frogman_29586/19/2010
I am LOVING cosole games as handheld ports (Archived)CubeTV66/19/2010
Look at my Triple DS. (Archived)shadowlink9646/19/2010
The 3DS "Window" Effect (Archived)bceagles1556/19/2010
So should we expect some good shooters for the 3DS? (Archived)
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I know this isn't a real screenshot, but I'd actually LOVE a game like this. (Archived)Vamphaery56/19/2010
FPS with stylus (Archived)frogman_29566/19/2010
Did anyone see... (Archived)boshirulz26/19/2010
Is it just me or has Star Fox 64 been enhanced visually as well? (Archived)Vamphaery66/19/2010
I'm itching to try it out (Archived)GriefersFTW46/19/2010