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I wonder what we'll end up getting when it's actually released. (Archived)dotsdfe36/21/2010
Nintendo's goals...=P (Why no Dual Analog or Why in 3D in general) (Archived)KaneBlueriver16/21/2010
Transformers in 3D (Archived)D Nyce16/21/2010
ITT: Red is Sony, Blue/Green is Nintendo (Archived)GameMaster14GM76/21/2010
Functions of a gyroscope and accelerometer? (Archived)
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2 GB cartridges is insanely good. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Nintendo made a smart choice.. (Archived)Marsulas76/21/2010
ITT: Super Mario Galaxy on 3DS. (Archived)
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ITT: 3D Youtube vids. (Archived)Pat_Dude76/21/2010
Nintendo should release this in the Summer. (Archived)Hellspree106/21/2010
Are we sure everything is rendered twice... (Archived)supertony8056/21/2010
I'd like to apologize (Archived)aperture12326/21/2010
Polygon count? (Archived)frogman_29566/21/2010
RE: revelations video. (Archived)summerclaw86/21/2010
Why did everyone make such a complete change in opinion? (Archived)
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Art Style games in 3D... (Archived)Japillow86/21/2010
What will the price be? (Archived)MattyMo423106/21/2010
Is this going to have a web browser? (Archived)ThatPutzpieGuy36/21/2010
Why is Martha Stewart 4th on the top ten message board? (Archived)
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what would you like as far as a "Shop Channel" goes? (Archived)blood_bender106/21/2010
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