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Did they fix the issue with the L&R buttons that DSlite and DSi had? (Archived)SuperShadowAce27/28/2011
So, How does it feel to be an Ambassador? (Archived)
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Nintendo company is in trouble. stock down almost 15% in 2 days, (Archived)
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If there was ever a time to buy Nintendo Stock... (Archived)ndrwood3227/28/2011
Im the only one that (Archived)vidalmoraza17/28/2011
I just thought of something awesome (Archived)rswsc040717/28/2011
Let's see the true amount of money you're saving with these free games. (Archived)Swan362497/28/2011
Sign here if this whole situation has worked out to be SUPER AWESOME for you (Archived)
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So....maybe we can get some online going?? (Archived)panama_chief17/28/2011
OMG!!!!! i love nintendo! :D (Archived)birgeer27/28/2011
So the 3DS is going to be the same price as the DSi XL now? (Archived)
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Guess the other 10 games for the Ambassador program (Archived)
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From what I understand you can pick your free games. (Archived)Sakurafanboy17/28/2011
You know what would be awesome as one of the free games? (Archived)FireMarth27/28/2011
3DS will be sold at LOSS (link inside) (Archived)Ransu27/28/2011
So wait. They're giving us 20 free games? (Archived)
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I hope we get Club Nintendo coins from the Ambassador games. (Archived)Hay_Stack67/28/2011
20 games will take up how much space? (Archived)sebetai77/28/2011
Are the 20 games worth 80 dollars (Archived)
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My friend just told me about the price cut... (Archived)nintendogger77/28/2011
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