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Maybe they should delay the Wii U to concentrate on 3ds ? (Archived)
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In 2006, Koichi Ishii founded Grezzo Games Inc. (Archived)NotChris_Hansen97/30/2011
About Club Nintendo, should I get the pins or the calender? (Archived)Mario78867/30/2011
So, will the Ambassador games be "One Time Downloads" ?? (Archived)Jiryn67/30/2011
How would ya feel towards a super mario sunshine sequel or (Archived)zerooo067/30/2011
How would you describe a Nintendo 3DS to a bully that fail every subjects? (Archived)Pkjoan77/30/2011
Out of all the upcoming 3DS games, why am I... (Archived)whitaker649037/30/2011
If a mario game was at launch do u think this even would have happened (Archived)
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Operation Knightfall! (Archived)NotChris_Hansen27/30/2011
Best thing about price drop loopholes (Archived)hatemakingnames17/30/2011
Operation Windfall!!! (Archived)NotChris_Hansen97/30/2011
Double Dipping (Archived)Swickman8187/30/2011
Let's speculate (Archived)Swickman8197/30/2011
Would the price have been an issue... (Archived)Swickman8127/30/2011
Question about game transfer from DSi to 3DS (Archived)FL0YD_theBarber27/30/2011
Which Nintendo game would you like to see turned into a movie? (Archived)
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Is the new Paper Mario another port? (Archived)nintendogger107/30/2011
Why is every game company going down now ? (Archived)Edouard_keroo97/30/2011
The Ambassador games they've already announced are probably the best ones (Archived)
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friend codess!!!!!! (Archived)DarkLinkXL67/30/2011
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