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MML3 Might get picked up by Solatorobo devs (Archived)jordandrako57/23/2011
Which brightness setting do you use? (Archived)mica_x927/23/2011
My thoughts on why 3DS isn't selling as well as Nintendo would have wanted (Archived)
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Capcom will please Megaman by (Archived)Wynters38757/23/2011
I know i might be late but..... (Archived)Biggadicrecords37/23/2011
I don't understand why Nintendo uses the Friend Code crap (Archived)
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How is the wifi range on the 3DS? (Archived)UdderJuice87/23/2011
Will a US version 3DS (110v) work with a 220v DSi ac adapter? (Archived)Lost_Seraph0937/23/2011
Sometimes it seems like it takes a few tries to power up. (Archived)crazybot87/23/2011
How will Capcom anger 3DS owners next? (Archived)
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10 months from now, 3DS worth getting? (Archived)crazyray47107/23/2011
Is there anything on Club Nintendo worth getting? (Archived)
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So 3 of the 4 Nintendo videos were pretty good.... (Archived)kinsho367/23/2011
Looking for eShop recommendations (Archived)da_dude1477/23/2011
All my mii's in the plaza say I met them 1 min ago... (Archived)Sephiroth_0167/23/2011
Capcom responds. There's still some hope for Mega Man Legends 3 (Archived)
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Wow, Xevious is super fun! :D (Archived)
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To people who sent the 3DS back to Nintendo for repair (Archived)DeeJayTechnika27/22/2011
Xevios's 3d (Archived)kk417647/22/2011
Who want's to save Megaman and get a 3DS ware game in the process? (Archived)
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