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So let me get this straight... (Archived)
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To people freaking out about Nintendo losing 300 million... (Archived)Lemmywinks1357/29/2011
Do people have no shame? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Just to make sure I understand the ambassador project correctly. (Archived)burning_arm97/29/2011
I'm really starting to dislike this price drop (Archived)arbingordon87/29/2011
Do I get the free games if I buy tommorrow? (Archived)ReggieBush09107/29/2011
golden sun and golden sun the lost age please... (Archived)Flootenkerp47/29/2011
Someone should message Nintendo or go to a store... (Archived)
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Are purchases made on the eShop transferrable to a new 3DS? (Archived)Pokeclipse47/29/2011
What should I do in terms of getting a 3DS? (Archived)strikebowler585107/29/2011
OK, If Minish Cap isn't an ambasador GBA game... (Archived)
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Nintendo says the GBA games are exclusive (Archived)
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What games do YOU want for the Ambassador program? (Archived)link_1597/29/2011
3ds's on ebay for 199 new w games i cant believe it... (Archived)oH_Hydra77/29/2011
Sign here if you did NOT regret buying your 3DS before August 11th (Archived)
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So if the 3DS got cut to $170 five months from now... (Archived)Mario64DStyle47/29/2011
awesome will be buying at best buy tomorrow (Archived)disxbxboi81747/29/2011
Nintendo is now taking a loss on every sale of the hardware. (Archived)
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Hopefully this isn't the last power move we see from Nintendo... (Archived)InfamouslyNyce107/29/2011
Nintendo made me happy to be unhappy for the sake of happiness (Archived)youdonnome77/29/2011
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