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If you've already bought a game on Wii VC, it should be playable on 3DS (Archived)SpacePr8Roberts27/28/2011
thats just what i needed(early buyer) (Archived)swablu107/28/2011
My 3DS Plan! (Archived)
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Operation Price Fall, lets start a petition (Archived)
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3DS Questions ~~~~ If it breaks... (Archived)Teepo6477/28/2011
Operation Moonfall (Majora's Mask 3DS) (Archived)raymanfan197/28/2011
I have a better idea! (Archived)Teremei67/28/2011
I hope we get this on the VC. (Archived)darkqueenhelba17/28/2011
Will 20 downloaded games realistically work with the operating system? (Archived)
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Will the 3DS hurt my eyes? (Archived)
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I hope Yoshi's Island still has chance of a 3DS remake. (Archived)
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Nintendo 3DS price drop to 169.99 (Archived)
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3DS fated as NGAGE? (Archived)
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Anyone else think an 80 dollar price drop might be too much? (Archived)
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Handheld price drops to $169 in North America, by "around a third" in Europe; (Archived)Kenta_PKMN107/28/2011
C/D: We need a Mario Sunshine 2 and Mario Party 3DS (Archived)Pkjoan107/28/2011
Anyone planning on buying the 3DS before Aug 12 to take advantage of the AP? (Archived)
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So will early adopters also being getting 200 Club Nintendo points? (Archived)max mercury87/28/2011
so is there no update to the 3ds store tonight (Archived)arthas38697/28/2011
Attention: Just because you may have played/owned all the games on that list... (Archived)
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