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Will regular DS games play in 3D / With the Swivel Pad? (Archived)MetaKirbyFan36/17/2010
Whats with Mario Kart games always having ugly graphics? (Archived)
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can't wait for YGO 5Ds on 3DS (Archived)LinkofHyrule99176/17/2010
What are the media capabilities of the 3DS (Archived)No1etter36/17/2010
3DS looks better than PS2 at this point in time (proof) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Let me see that Peace Walker to Snake Eater 3DS graphical comparison (Archived)Hyrulesaver12376/17/2010
It would have been funny if Reggie at the end of the press conference said... (Archived)TheTTLegend46/17/2010
imagine yugioh in 3d (Archived)
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3DS to have achievements, friend list and possibly voice chat (Archived)
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So is it confirmed that Nintendo 3DS is the actual name of the system? (Archived)
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So the 3DS is in: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red-Black, Black, and Blue-black? (Archived)
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I hope Nintendo make a N64 remake range (Archived)M1Astray96/17/2010
Is it region free? (Archived)Anime_Masuta36/17/2010
Square Enix "Final Fantasy" support for the 3DS (Archived)Kuhnert56/17/2010
Pirates can't play the 3DS (Archived)No1etter76/17/2010
Put some sort of scrolling space shooter on this. For great justice. (Archived)Zanbi66/17/2010
damn... if the press only had a 3d digital camera..... (Archived)MajorRage16/17/2010
DS vs. 3DS, The (Flattened) Visual Comparison (Archived)
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Why does localization take so long? (Archived)Ki_cat_86/17/2010
Smoke and Mirrors. (Archived)jeannelittle6686/17/2010
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