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ds vs ipad/pod? (Archived)
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I don't have any eyes... will this work for me? (Archived)
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Mario is just a Nintendo 64 game with different backgrounds... (Archived)
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Who is srs enough to import the 3DS from China when it gets released Oct 10? (Archived)
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Question (Archived)shadowaid27/16/2010
3DS colors (Archived)thatmovingbush57/16/2010
Bloody Roar 3DS (Archived)onilink88887/16/2010
I wonder if there will be a full 3D, new zelda title for the 3DS. (Archived)
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Anybody hoping Moral Kombat 9 comes to 3DS? (Archived)D Nyce57/16/2010
What if the 3Ds had the ability to make tacos and grill hamburgers... (Archived)DarkShadowRage107/16/2010
Great Idea (Archived)SUPERM3TROID27/16/2010
Come to think of it 3D is kinda old technology. I remember one of the old Jaws (Archived)Slimeknight107/16/2010
I was going to get Kinect for 360, but I changed my mind when I saw this... (Archived)
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Kid Icarus is freaking hard. (Archived)
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So who's lining up for launch day? (Archived)
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My Kid Icarus memories aren't so fond. I hope the game got better. (Archived)AlphaWhelp47/16/2010
Mega Man IN THREE DEEEE!?! (Archived)tirkaro27/16/2010
Would you rather have a 3DS now, or a fighter jet with a GAU-8 Avenger now? (Archived)
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Why is Nintendo (Archived)
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After I buy a 3DS I'll probably still use my PSP (Archived)elheber97/16/2010
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