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I hope they make a lot. (Archived)lunchablesrock36/16/2010
I want a Spider-Man game. (Archived)FarMaster200856/16/2010
I JUST realized why 3D is a selling point. (Archived)Chao77736/16/2010
Why the low resolution for the touch screen? (Archived)roflman0886/16/2010
I thought Kid Icarus Uprising was a Wii game at first glance (Archived)ElectricMole86/16/2010
I want a new advance wars title kthxbye (Archived)Izzythewinner36/16/2010
Since the library seem to have tons of remakes. (Archived)
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Capcom give us Marvel vs. Capcom 3D instead of Street Fighter! (Archived)RayHorak56/16/2010
Starforce 4 3ds (Archived)roflman0816/16/2010
So when will the 3DS gonna release? (Archived)
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when you play a ds game on 3ds, will the top screen be made 3d (Archived)JohnnySasaki56/16/2010
Namco! Please bless the 3ds with.... (Archived)
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This MGS pic does NOT accurately represent the power of the 3DS. (Archived)
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Picross 3D would be amazing on 3DS (Archived)sonic_brawler9566/16/2010
Punch Out por favor (Archived)thewhitelight46/16/2010
Touhou 3DS?! :O (Archived)Apple_3-14106/16/2010
I'll buy one but I'll still keep my older one. (Archived)BlueJuan76/16/2010
Was it announced that we can transfer our DSiWare games? (Archived)O_Town_Rulez76/16/2010
why is there an infrared port? (Archived)blood_bender76/16/2010
So the 3DS looks EXACTLY like a DS but w/ a analog nub? (Archived)
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