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To qualify do I just have to go onto eShop? (Archived)
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Funny people on this board (Archived)
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3DS price-drop will have a big influence on WiiU pricing. (Archived)
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The price of the games need a cut too... (Archived)Romanticide67/28/2011
Is this 20 free games and the price drop NA only? (Archived)sexymcpoo57/28/2011
You know, I don't think Nintendo ever said the GBA games would be free... (Archived)
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Think its worth the 20 Eshop games? (Archived)dabuz37/28/2011
To those that imported a Japanese 3DS... (Archived)Oda-sama37/28/2011
Dear Nintendo (Archived)GuitarGuruu1687/28/2011
How would multiplayer mode work for the GBA games? (Archived)BKXD37/28/2011
Dear Nintendo. (Archived)Pkjoan87/28/2011
How long did it take before Virtual Boy was considered a failure? (Archived)
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C/D: You want Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green as the next GBA title for those who... (Archived)
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Just a tip for people debating on whether to get free games or save $ (Archived)chrono62517/28/2011
Did they fix the issue with the L&R buttons that DSlite and DSi had? (Archived)SuperShadowAce27/28/2011
So, How does it feel to be an Ambassador? (Archived)
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Nintendo company is in trouble. stock down almost 15% in 2 days, (Archived)
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If there was ever a time to buy Nintendo Stock... (Archived)ndrwood3227/28/2011
Im the only one that (Archived)vidalmoraza17/28/2011
I just thought of something awesome (Archived)rswsc040717/28/2011
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