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Why is Nintendo (Archived)
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After I buy a 3DS I'll probably still use my PSP (Archived)elheber97/16/2010
Any good videos for this system yet? (Archived)chrisisover900067/16/2010
Does Gamestop take pre-orders for this? (Archived)ian209327/16/2010
odd that the 3DS isn't on the poll of the day (Archived)Grunt40107/16/2010
Ok everyones like graphics...WAY BETTER THAN PSP (Archived)
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Will the 3DS have an SD memory card slot like the DSi. (Archived)Bryon1537/16/2010
Will the 3D be things coming at you 3D? (Archived)Im_a_nub47/16/2010
When will EB start accepting preorders? (Archived)Keybored12337/16/2010
Psp 2? (Archived)
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I want gradius On 3ds (Archived)Sano_sky57/15/2010
You know, it's going to be tough for Nintendo following the launch of the 3DS (Archived)
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Launch Titles? (Archived)Jawsfan35347/15/2010
news about the 3ds (Archived)Sano_sky107/15/2010
Why is the 3DS hyped (Archived)MetaKirbyFan47/15/2010
New info on phoenix wright on the 3ds (Archived)Sano_sky47/15/2010
Why are you people calling everyone who defends the PSP a fanboy? (Archived)
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So, is the 3DS being marketted solely as console gaming on a handheld? (Archived)TheChaospower57/15/2010
The only reason I'm even buying Kid Icarus. (Archived)AlphaWhelp107/15/2010
To be honest, I think the 3DS is ***** compared to the PSP. (Archived)GTRagnarok97/15/2010
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