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If I change my nnid on my 3ds and I only have physical games am I ok?TheHunter5631/27 4:36PM
Just tried out Codename: Steam
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RHF311/27 4:34PM
Anyone else get the Code Name STEAM demo?yomomma091971/27 4:31PM
Mario Party DS vs. Island TourPinkieSteele71/27 4:28PM
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code up for grabs!browntown77731/27 4:27PM
circle pad pro Ll (import) on american 3ds xlTyler_strazza41/27 4:27PM
Any word on GameStop allowing me to do a system transfer before trading?Boy_Lover_X41/27 4:25PM
Your overall Club Nintendo haul...
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Would the 3DS have survived without Pokemon?
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Do PNY SD cards work
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When using the 3ds file transfer...Cavious31/27 3:58PM
Apparently, nobody likes Conception (II).
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This charger will work withe the New 3DS XL right? (Closed)Trevor_Belmont41/27 3:38PM
European streetpasses with American 3DS systems?OzymandiasIV81/27 3:36PM
MH4:U Demo CodeJuampix41/27 3:17PM
Are licensed Japanese Anime games the Equivalent of American crap shovelware?Spade21X101/27 3:10PM
The Monster Hunter n3DS XL is probably the best design I've seen for a DS
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Just saw a few people playing smash during lunch at school today...
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Bravely Default or Fire Emblem Awakening
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I need some clarifications on the Club Nintendo shutting down.
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