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Is it worth buying the GBA version of Final Fantasy IV if Ive played the DS one?
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Spade21X142/25 11:42AM
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Kinda want to go back to the original 3ds screens.... I have a New 3ds XL....
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StarmanAnthony202/25 9:18AM
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Convince me to buy a New 3DS (XL because NOA)Shad0wg00n82/25 8:28AM
What to get for only $3 off the eShop?
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Nintend0_Ninja212/25 8:28AM
Unable to download demo for Project X Zone?BlackSpyro_3352/25 8:11AM
Is YouTube any better on the new 3DS?LeFlyingRaisins52/25 8:11AM
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Club nintendo should have the same options as disney movie rewards clubStarmanAnthony52/25 6:55AM
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