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So it's time to start promoting with new sigs (Archived)
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This game is not dead (Archived)Dr_Koopa7636/10/2014
I have a feeling this will be an Xbox exclusive (Archived)wyansas33/27/2014
Itagaki Confirms Devil's Thirds Release for 2014; The Game is 80% Complete (Archived)DarkSymbiote102/7/2014
it doesn't seem like Itagaki to not see this game finished (Archived)BattleAxeRX112/2/2013
Dead's Third has become this game (Archived)fedor-machine29/30/2013
Well, at least the game is still coming! (Archived)MrMikeMa56/10/2013
1st quarter 2013? (Archived)green_abobo31/16/2013
will they show it one day? (Archived)orochimaru29/25/2012
Any New News!!!????!!!!! (Archived)MALCMERC126739/7/2012
Itagaki said in 2006 that Western Shooters were basically crap and then he... (Archived)
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Devil's Third is back ON! (form join venture with korean developer) (Archived)MrMikeMa87/26/2012
I promise you, Itagaki will knock on Square Enix's door to publish this game.... (Archived)
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Good news (for now) (Archived)
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''The Future of Devil's Third is up in the air'' (Archived)
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no E3 for THQ 2012 (Archived)fedor-machine85/15/2012
THQ Japan closing shop (Archived)
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Why is this on PS3? (Archived)
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Latest GI interview (Archived)Rtalo12/29/2012
E3 please (Archived)2ndAtomisk92/11/2012
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